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We provide many services including:

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Support from our offices

In most instances it is quicker, and cheaper for us to provide support remotely. Our support team use remote access software to control your PC or server. With our guidance, you initiate the connection and, if you wish, you can watch all actions performed by our technicians on your computer. Click here for more information

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Network Support

Whether you have two or 200 networked machines, printers and other devices, we can maintain your network for you. If you require a new network or an expansion of your existing network we can ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Hardware Replacement and Repair

Hardware failure can be the root cause of many computer problems. When hardware fails, no amount of software work will fix the issue, it will have to be replaced. We have just about every component on site in Miami. We are also an Apple Mac repair centre. Should a component need replacing, it can be replaced without hassle, getting your computer back to you in the minimum amount of time.

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Web and Application Development

Our team of developers can create stunning websites to fit your needs. We can also develop bespoke applications that help increase the productivity of your staff and make day to day tasks as simple as pressing a button. Perhaps you require your representatives out in the field to have access to information on your company servers. Our Mobile Application development team can connect them saving them and your business hours of time. See our dedicated Software Support site for more information.

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Data Recovery

At Computer Rescue USA, we pride ourselves with having the most skilful data recovery specialists in Miami. Our reputation for excellence has grown so much, that we are now regularly visited by customers based in London.

Whether your data loss is due to physical or logical damage, we are the repair experts! Common causes of data loss that we have addressed are: electric surges, accidental deletion, virus/trojan attack, smoke/fire/heat/water damage, and hard drive/RAID malfunction.

  • Hard drive data recovery
  • RAID data recovery
  • Email recovery
  • Laptop data recovery
  • And many other types of data recovery (e.g. servers, flash drives)
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Securing your Network and Computers

Since the first email sent in 1972 email communication has exploded. Now 160 billion emails are sent daily, 70% of which are spam and viruses. You and your business needs to be protected against unsolicited emails, viruses and hackers twenty four seven.

Anti-virus Software on its own will not protect your data. It is vital that security is strongest at the endpoint, where data resides and potential threats from external sources are heightened. You need a protective array of software not only to keep your data safe but also future-proof. This protective array is called Endpoint Technologies.

Computer Rescue USA can provide your business with the latest and best security software and techniques, to ensure your data is protected against the outside world. Below are some of the techniques we can employ:

  • Web Content Filtering
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Spam and Virus Checking
  • Secure Site-to-Site VPNs
  • Firewalls
  • Distributed Automatic System Updates
  • Security Audits

If you are new to us, we would like to offer you a 100% FREE Network Performance Tune Up and Problem Prevention Audit. This is a completely FREE service from us to you – where we will visit your business and give you a free report detailing any problem areas and vulnerabilities across your network.
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System Monitoring

Proactive System Monitoring. Network downtime and system failure can cost more than time, it is essential for you to know when system failure is about to happen and not when it happens.

Running out of disk space? We will notice before it becomes an issue for you.
Rather than wait for your business to notice that there is a problem with your system – our systems alert us to problems at your site. We’ll almost always know about a systems issue before you do, so we can fix it fast and minimize any business disruption.

Computer Rescue USA will only use the industry leading software to monitor all mission-critical infrastructure components – including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party add-ons provide for monitoring of virtually all in-house applications, services, and systems.
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We’ll Come and Visit You Anywhere in Miami!

In situations where remote support and in house support is not possible, we have a dedicated team of onsite technicians ready to help. Our on site support trained technicians can be with you within 24 hours of reporting your fault, and within 4 hours in mission critical situations.
In nearly all circumstances our onsite technicians can repair the fault within an hour of arriving, and in most situations improve your systems.
Why not give our office a call and see how our on-site technicians can help you improve your business.
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Emergency On-call

Emergency Support when you need it. Computers can be quite inconvenient, technology breaks down at the most inopportune times and can be frustrating when you can’t get support till the next day.

Computer Rescue USA know companies and people work all times of the day and also understand the need for support during these unsociable working hours.

Computer Rescue USA are now offering a service whereby you can contact us at any time of the day and get through to a technician who can help you remotely or on-site.
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Sage and Quickbooks Support

We can give you advice and support for your Sage or Quickbooks products. Click here for more information

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Linux Support

Many companies chose to use Linux systems for their web hosting and an increasing number are using the Linux platform for desktop applications. Click here for more informarion

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CISCO Support

We can install and advise you on your CISCO infrastructure. Click here for more information

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Mobile Computing

We can integrate your mobile devices with your office systems. Click here for more information

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