During the course of our support to our customers, from time to time we have had to develop a number of tools. We are going to make some of these available for download to anyone who wishes to use them.

(While every effort has been made by us to ensure that these programs and tools are secure and robust everything here is downloaded and installed by you at your own risk and Computer Rescue USA does not offer any or agree to any other conditions, warranties, guaranties or representations and may not be held responsable for any issues that my arise from your use of this software. Software is offered for your own personal use and may not be pre-packaged, re-branded or otherwise offered from anywhere other than this site. Computer Rescue USA retain ownership of the software which you may use under licence.)

ESET Anti Virus license expiry service

This is a Windows Service App that performs a check on ESET Anti-virus license expiry date and informs you if it’s less than 30 days remain on your licence. The service runs in the background and checks your licence every time you start your PC.
Download Here

Remote Support with TeamViewer

Connect to remote computers, provide remote support, and collaborate online with TeamViewer, the world leader in remote desktop access and support.

Download Here