Mobile computing is big.  In the early days smart devices such as IPAQ and Palm Pilots were  used by business people to synchronise appointments, tasks and messages from their computer to read on the go.  They were seen more as companions to desktop computers only able to perform simple specific tasks and  synchronise data whist the device was plugged into the computer. 

This is no longer the case, with constant connection to the internet, Appointments, Tasks and Messages can be delivered straight to your mobile device.  The addition of application support now allows for users to customise their smart devices, update their status on social networking sites and intergrate their digital life into their personal life.  A study this year showed that 22% of all UK mobile phone owners now have a smart phone and this figure is on the increase.

Computer Support can integrate your Blackberry, iPhone and Android Device with your office email  and groupware system so that staff can communicate seamlessly regardless of their location.

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